Horse Float?

Horse Float?

More news for you all!

We have had a horse float donated to the organization that we work for. A rather old bedraggled looking thing but hopefully still somewhat repairable.

So why would we even want this? It is exciting…let me explain…

We have been on the lookout for something on Palm Island to convert to a cafe or food van. As there were no options for a cafe (very difficult to rent anything on Palm) the next thing was to look into food vans. This horse float was the perfect thing to start with, and with a generous gesture (and a little bit of persuasion) it was donated. Its tires are flat, there are holes in the roof and the back gate has been burnt by some adventurous children but it is a beginning.

Now, we are not quite sure where to start! So please if you have Ideas, friends with knowledge, have done this before, know where to source supplies to, let us know and we will be truly thankful!