Church on Palm Island

Church on Palm Island

Some of you may be wondering what our Saturdays look like?

It is a rather busy day with lots of little feet and voices (big ones too!) filling the jail. Every Saturday we turn the old prison into a place of worship and enter wholeheartedly into setting people free. It’s a day of singing, praying, and eating. A day where we endeavour to empower the people here in the knowledge that they are of great importance and they can be instruments of change!

Today Martha volunteered to do the greeting and tell a little of her week. Later on, a little girl called MJ read her favorite verse in (John 3vs 16). Following this Hubert presented a short message on this exact verse. The power of love and how we can be thankful to God in the good times and the bad. Some singing, a powerful video, and the mission story wrap it up. A simple prayer follows and now it’s time for lunch preparation.

Lunch preparation and the following lunch are always well looked forward to with the kids being able to enjoy hands on helping. A favorite is a flat bread that almost all the children know how to make. Then lunch (and subsequently dessert) are complete and it’s time for a walk. Or a visit to the beach, depending on the weather.

At the finish, with tired happy children, we drop them all home and look forward to next week…

Horse Float?

Horse Float?

More news for you all!

We have had a horse float donated to the organization that we work for. A rather old bedraggled looking thing but hopefully still somewhat repairable.

So why would we even want this? It is exciting…let me explain…

We have been on the lookout for something on Palm Island to convert to a cafe or food van. As there were no options for a cafe (very difficult to rent anything on Palm) the next thing was to look into food vans. This horse float was the perfect thing to start with, and with a generous gesture (and a little bit of persuasion) it was donated. Its tires are flat, there are holes in the roof and the back gate has been burnt by some adventurous children but it is a beginning.

Now, we are not quite sure where to start! So please if you have Ideas, friends with knowledge, have done this before, know where to source supplies to, let us know and we will be truly thankful!


Noodle’s Raw Muesli Bars

Noodle’s Raw Muesli Bars

Anyone fancy a raw muesli bar? If you are quick you may find some in the yr 5’s freezer at the Bwgcolman community school. It’s awesome to be teaching the children about the 8 laws of health. I have been making it memorable by using the acronym RAW DATES. (Rest, Air, Water, Diet, Abstain, Trust, Exercise, Sunshine)

Today was fun. The children have been on holidays for the last 2 weeks and we have been away so it has been over one month since I have seen most of them. It was a 1:30 start, an afternoon class and as mentioned previously, it was fun but also extremely noisy. The children were in afternoon mode and I think I now understand what teachers go through every afternoon!


With everything I do it has to be quick, to the point, simple and easy to make in a classroom setting. Today was a raw muesli bar recipe. We were focusing on packaging and learning how to read and understand ingredients list. During this we spoke about mono sodium glutamate and hydrogenated oils (we were using peanut butter). Each of the children made their own packaging. Then we made some muesli bars…It was messy but we completed it and they loved it!

Anyone for a recipe?

2 cups of uncle Toby’s rolled oats
1/2 cup of desiccated coconut
1/2 cup of honey
1/2 cup of peanut butter
1/2 cup of currants
1/2 cup of pepitas/sunflower seeds
2 pinches of salt

Mix dry ingredients. Add wet ingredients. Press firmly into lined tin. Cut desired shapes. Can be eaten immediately but is much better after being placed in a freezer for at least 1 hr. Enjoy!




The Little Yellow Sunshine Taxi

The Little Yellow Sunshine Taxi

Something awesome to share with you all! The mission that we work for has had a car donated and it has finally arrived! After waiting for cyclone Debbie to pass, we were able to drive it up to the barge on Thursday and bring it to Palm Island. After a noisy, hot and very sunny trip we eventually made it onto the banks of Palm. So far it has been a great hit!

What we have been donated is a little yellow Honda Jazz. Taxi is it’s name, sunshine its colour and hopefully it brings a bit of both to the people here. It has a few rattles but is the perfect car for bringing a some colour to the island. I think it’s the colour and size, but when they see it the adults laugh and the kids here comment on how much they like it. One little boy stopped us as we were driving and said “I like your new car!”

This little car will have a lot of work to do here on the Island and we are already appreciating its presence.

So if you ever come to Palm Island come for a drive and enjoy a little bit of Sunshine.