Ferdy’s. A drug and alcohol rehabilitation center named after the founder. It is a quiet, simple place located directly on the beach front. If you go there at the right time the tide laps at the fence line. You can take your shoes off and step right into the cool ocean water. A perfect place for a rehab unit.

Every Tuesday we go there to give health education. As usual in any of our education sessions, we present something in a simple easy to understand manner. We start with a presentation and finish with something to eat. It is so true that food brings people together. You can see the people relaxing and it creates opportunities to discuss other topics.

When we arrive we set all our equipment up and hope we haven’t forgotten anything!

Then we start. Start time can be anywhere from 11:30 until 12:15….depending on coconut time. Coconut time = when the locals feel like turning up. This makes for interesting days but is just a normal part of the culture here (It would be so weird going back to Melbourne!)

With our presentations we have begun by¬†focusing on the 8 laws of health. This is made up of 8 important laws that govern our health (more about that here). We really love doing these presentations, it’s a time where we share and the people have the opportunity to respond and ask any questions. The desire for knowledge here is so great! As is said in the old proverb, “people perish for the lack of knowledge.” So many times has it been said recently, “we didn’t know that!” and “why has no one ever told us?”

Presentation time is usually around one hour and then we show them a simple dish that they can make. Tasty food is good food is our motto. Hopefully no cardboard food here! One thing we always make clear is that our desire is not for them to suddenly change and become plant based or vegan, but to have knowledge. To have alternatives that they can implement into their diet, to know that they can change, to know that they are important and have great value.

As it is said;

“To have knowledge is to have power.”