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Horse Float?

More news for you all! We have had a horse float donated to the organization that we work for. A rather old bedraggled looking thing but hopefully still somewhat repairable. So why would we even want this? It is exciting...let me explain... We have been on the lookout...

Noodle’s Raw Muesli Bars

Anyone fancy a raw muesli bar? If you are quick you may find some in the yr 5's freezer at the Bwgcolman community school. It's awesome to be teaching the children about the 8 laws of health. I have been making it memorable by using the acronym RAW DATES. (Rest, Air,...

Rehab Medical Missionary

Ferdy's. A drug and alcohol rehabilitation center named after the founder. It is a quiet, simple place located directly on the beach front. If you go there at the right time the tide laps at the fence line. You can take your shoes off and step right into the cool...